What are some quotes from Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer that prove that Chris McCandless is a pilgrim?  

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To understand Chris's journeying, we need to distinguish between a tourist and a pilgrim. A tourist travels for novelty, to see new sights, and to have a break from everyday life. Often the goal is simply pleasure. The tourist may come home with a thousand photos and a pile of souvenirs, but he doesn't expect to be profoundly changed by his journey.

The pilgrim, on the other hand, travels for the purpose of spiritual transformation. He wants not to consume his new surroundings but to be changed by them. He journeys not for superficial pleasure but to more fully encounter both the divine and his own soul.

Much of what Chris wrote and did reveal a pilgrim, a person seeking soul transformation. Chris did not desire superficial pleasure. He sought the deep joy, often accompanied by hunger or physical discomfort (the opposite of pleasure), that comes when we live life fully. As he writes to Ron:

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy...

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