What are three quotes from Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird that depict Scout's outspoken personality?

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There are several scenes throughout the novel that depict Scout's outspoken personality. In Chapter 3, Walter Cunningham is eating at the Finch residence, and he begins to pour syrup all over his vegetables and meat. Scout is appalled and asks him what the "sam hill" he is doing. When Atticus shakes his head, Scout protests and says, "But he's gone and drowned his dinner in syrup" (Lee 32). Calpurnia gives Scout a lecture about manners in the kitchen following Scout's candid comments.

In Chapter 4, the children are bored, and Dill looks at the Radley yard and says, "I---smell---death" (Lee 48). Dill then sniffs Scout and claims that she will die in three days. Scout threatens Dill and Jem says, "Yawl hush...you act like you believe in Hot Steams" (Lee 48). Scout rebuttals by saying, "You act like you don't" (Lee 49). Scout's outspoken response upsets Jem, and he gets his revenge by pushing Scout in the tire as hard as he can.

In Chapter 14, Scout tells Atticus about their exciting trip to Calpurnia's church. Scout then asks Atticus if she can go over to Calpurnia's house next Sunday. Out of nowhere, Alexandra says, "You may not" (Lee 181). Scout quickly responds by saying, "I didn't ask you!" (Lee 181). Atticus stands up and makes Scout apologize to her aunt. Scout's "smart" comment gets her into trouble, and she walks into the bathroom to regain her "dignity."

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