What are some quotes from Roger that depict his sadistic personality in Lord of the Flies?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 8, Roger and the hunters track down a pig who was nursing her young and brutally murder it. As the boys are pulling their spears from the bloody pig, Roger notices that he stuck the pig with his spear up its backside. Roger giggles and says,

"Right up her ass!" (195).

Roger's sadistic personality is portrayed by how he is amused with savagely killing the sow. Roger takes pleasure in acting like a savage and murders for fun. As the novel progresses, Roger becomes even more sadistic until he eventually kills Piggy.

Roger's sadistic personality is depicted again in Chapter 10 when he is told to halt at the gate before entering Castle Rock. Roger responds by saying,

"You couldn’t stop me coming if I wanted" (228).

Roger's comment reveals his savage nature is uncontrollable, and nobody could stop him from doing what he desires. Even the savages begin to fear Roger, and Golding suggests he is more evil than Jack.

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