What quotations could I use for the evolution of Balram's opinion of his master and their relationship in The White Tiger?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For quotations on the evolution of Balram's opinion of and relationship with Mr. Ashok, look for the sections of the novel that show them in critical interactions.  For example, after Balram takes Mr. Ashok to see his village, they return home and Balram catches Mr. Ashok soaking and massaging his own feet.  Normally, this is something that Balram does for his masters, so he rushes to Mr. Ashok to assist him.  But Mr. Ashok gets angry and kicks the bucket, screaming at Balram to just leave him alone.  Mr. Ashok claims that the workers, including Balram, are like members of the family, but he certainly does not treat Balram like a member of the family.  Mr. Ashok calls Balram stupid, but loyal.  In situations like this, Balram learns that Mr. Ashok is no better than any other wealthy employers even though Mr. Ashok believes he is somehow "enlightened" by his foreign education.

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