What are some quotes from Buried Onions that prove these five injustices Eddie experienced throughout the novel: crime, violence, racism, poverty, and lack of opportunity? 

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Eddie is the protagonist of Gary Soto's novel Buried Onions. Eddie is the victim of the realities of his lower class existence in the Mexican-American barrio of Fresno. He is the victim of crime in chapter two (see pages 29-30) when Mr. Stiles's truck is stolen from the front of his apartment. Eddie had been using the truck to go to the dump for Mr. Stiles. He had only stopped at his apartment for a minute to get a drink and change shirts.

Eddie is the victim of violence in his encounter with Samuel and Angel (see chapter eight, pages 131-133). He is convinced that Angel is after him, because he would not help him go after Jesús's...

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