What quotes and ideas could I use specifically linking to crime to answer these essays? I have included some ideas, but these are not enough to complete an essay for each of them, so maybe some extra ideas and a couple quotes could help formulate a better direction for the response. (these are 3 separate essays)

"The Mariner's more serious crime is against humanity rather than nature" To what extent do you agree with this view?

  • For this essay, ideas linking to the fact that the killing of the albatross was an allegorical killing of Christ and so he does injustice against humanity?
  • Or if the bird represents some sort of life force, the unjust killing of the Albatross leads to the 'deathly state of the sailors, the bad weather? the 'ghost ship'

"The Rime is an exploration of the unconscious mind" How do you respond to this reading?

  • Something along the lines of the fact that there is seemingly no rational or conscious thought that leads him to kill the albatross rather it is just shot?
  • Links to Coleridge's 'one life' 'One world' view

"Ultimately it is the mariner who is the victim in the poem, despite the killing of the Albatross" To what extent do you agree with this view?

  • Agree to an extent that he faces a sort of eternal damnation having to wander and tell and retell his tale, so his punishment is never-ending.
  • Disagree, the sailors along board with the mariner face punishment, the albatross is shot dead.


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I can't answer all of your questions, but I can offer you the framework to understand the thematic meaning of the crime in the poem and how the mariner achieves redemption for his crime and how this relates to Coleridge's "one world" view.

As you note, the mariner kills the albatross almost unconsciously. This is the key mistake that leads to all the problems that then ensue. The question is, why is killing the albatross so important, and why does it lead to such terrible punishment?

The answer is in the very unconsciousness that you mention with which the mariner kills. The albatross is an innocent creature who helps the mariner and his crew. The albatross has also created by God. The mariner killing him just because he can and feels like it shows his complete disrespect for God and God's creation. In Coleridge's worldview, since all of nature is a manifestation or expression of God's spirit,...

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