What are some quotes in Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace that show Grace writes her own story through her quilting?

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One example of the title character Grace Marks, in Margaret Atwood's novel Alias Grace, writing her own story through her quilts can be seen in Chapter 18 when she speaks of herself making a quilt for Miss Lydia, the governor's daughter. Grace is specifically using the Pandora's Box design to create Lydia's quilt. At the mention of Pandora's Box, Dr. Simon Jordan becomes excited and asks Grace if she knows who Pandora is. Grace relays the story of the myth she learned while working alongside her best friend Mary Whitney at Mrs. Alderman Parkinson's:

[S]he was a Greek person from days of old, who looked into a box she had been told not to, and a lot of diseases came out, and wars, and other human ills. (p. 146)

We can see how the Pandora's Box quilt design reflects Grace's own life when we remember that, as Grace's life progresses, the more she experiences hardships . First, her best friend Mary dies when her abortion goes awry, leaving Grace heartbroken. Then, Grace becomes entangled with McDermott...

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