In The Crucible, what is a quote that shows that self-preservation is a hallmark contributing to mass hysteria?

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In act 3, in court, Abby first acts in self-preservation, tormenting Mary until she breaks down and the other girls are caught up. When Mary, to protect herself, in turn accuses Proctor, hysteria overtakes the adults as well.

Abby is running out of options to defend herself from charges of lying to cover up her affair with John. She cries out wildly toward the roof, claiming to see a bird behind the rafters.

As the other girls say they see it too, Abby addresses it as Mary's spirit, pleading that it not harm her.

Amidst the girls' clamor and Mary's denial, Danforth joins in, accusing her of compacting with the Devil, and Parris screams at her to cast the Devil out.

As all the girls keep screaming, Mary sees how things are going and accuses John: "You’re the Devil’s man!"

Finally, amidst the growing uproar, John pronounces, "God is dead."

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