What is a quote that can prove theocracy existed in Salem (from Miller's "The Crucible")? 

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In the Puritan society of Salem, the elected officials and court authorities genuinely believe that they are endowed by God to rule over the community and their legal system is based on religious law. This form of government is known as a theocracy and the ruling officials believe that they are divinely guided, which gives them unlimited, complete authority. Deputy Governor Danforth and Judge Hathorne manipulate the theocratic system of government to exercise their authority and condemn numerous innocent citizens based on false accusations. In act four, Reverend Hale insists that Deputy Governor Danforth pardon the accused citizens and Danforth responds by saying that he has already hanged twelve citizens. When Hale continues to urge Danforth to pardon the citizens, Danforth responds by saying,

"While I speak God’s law, I will not crack its voice with whimpering. If retaliation is your fear, know this—I should hang ten thousand that dared to rise against the law, and an ocean of...

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