What is a quote that shows Matt using dialect in Gathering Blue?

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Lowry creates an interesting dialect for Matt. The people of the village, including Vandara and Kira, speak with typical grammar, although they use words unique to their society, such as cott and tyke. The people who live in the Fen, a slum-like area on the other side of the river from the village, speak with a dialect that uses different verb forms, uses pronouns differently, and adds endings to some nouns. Here are some examples:

"Here, I brung these."

Matt uses a different verb form for "brought."

"What this be called?"

Matt uses a different state-of-being verb than one would normally use. Annabella also had this way of speaking when she said, "There be no beasts." Thomas recognizes that as Fen dialect. 

"Me and Branch can wait."

Matt uses the objective form of the pronoun in the subject spot. "He. . . stab hisself through the heart" also shows a change of pronoun usage. 

Matt's dialect often adds "ie" to the end of nouns. Words like "buggie" for bug, "smearies" for smears, and "giftie" for gift show this aspect of Matt's dialect. 

Changes in verb and pronoun use and endings on nouns are some of the patterns one can see in Matt's dialect.

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