What is a quote said in Romeo and Juliet by Friar Laurence  that reflects a literary or poetic device?

Expert Answers
shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act II, Scene VI, Friar Laurence is preparing to marry Romeo and Juliet to each other. Why he agrees to do this is open to interpretation. Perhaps he is taken by their professed love for each other, or perhaps he hopes to help bring an end to the feud that their families have been engaging in for so long. At the beginning of the scene the Friar and Romeo are together, and the Friar says:

So smile the heavens upon this holy act
That after-hours with sorrow chide us not!

Here he is employing the literary device of personification. He is hoping that what they are doing will be approved of by God, which he refers to as “the heavens.” He personifies the heavens by saying that they “smile.”