What is the quote on page 195 of The Bronze Bow about Rosh?

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The topic of debate on page 195 of my copy of The Bronze Bow, the 1961 Houghton Mifflin publication, is Rosh's habit of stealing from the poor peasants to support his band of warriors. The shepherds have been raided yet again, and they are unhappy with what is going on. One of them goes to Daniel to demand that Rosh leave their sheep alone, and when Daniel asks,

"Do you begrudge a sheep now and then...to the man who would give his life for your freedom?"

The shepherd responds about Rosh,

"We have had enough of his brand of freedom. He's free up there. Free from the taxes that bleed us dry. Free to play with the Romans while we stand and take the punishment. By the prophets, if you have any fondness for this savior of yours, warn him now. We have had enough."

It would appear that the shepherds have reason for the way they feel about Rosh, who is supposed to be fighting for their freedom from the Romans. On the next page, page 196, Rosh deriseively says about them,

They are afraid of their own shadows...what good are they but to raise food for men who will fight".

With his callous, superior attitude, Rosh is alienating the very people he is professed to serve. Rosh does not really care about the well-being of the peasants; he is more concerned with his own glory and agenda (Chapter 17).

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