What quote from The Great Gatsby could be used to show that Gatsby doesn't really love Daisy, but he loves what she represents?

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It was really exciting to read the previous answerers only after I had thought long and hard about the quote that I would have chosen.  Isn't it wonderful to have so many awesome opinions here on eNotes!?!  They made great choices, now let me share mine:

In Chapter 7 of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Nick and Gatsby have a very revealing conversation as they wait at the car for the rest of the company in order to "go to town" on this hot and sticky afternoon.  It begins by Nick making a random comment about Daisy's voice.  Nick simply says, "She's got an indiscreet voice. . . . It's full of--"  Ah, and what does Gatsby say?

Does Gatsby say that Daisy's voice is full of melody such as the song of an angel?

Does Gatsby say that Daisy's voice is full of love for him, as he knows that Daisy has loved him all her life?

Does Gatsby say that Daisy's voice is full of beauty, like soft flower petals blowing in a soft breeze?


Gatsby says, "her voice is full of money." 

Full of love and romance, eh? 

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