What is a quote from the story "A Rose For Emily" that best describes the conflict ?

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Let us first establish that the story "A Rose for Emily, as it is the case with many other stories, presents more than just one conflict.  

A conflict is the confrontation of two opposing forces, one of them being the main character, and the other being either natural or supernatural forces that directly oppose the success of the main character in achieving a specific goal. 

In "A Rose for Emily", the eponymous main character is actually a victim of her circumstances. Struggling alone to fit in a changing world, Emily is left to her own devices to try and manage life the best way she knows how. But, is it effective? Is that "enough"?

Other conflicts that emerge from the story include Emily versus the changing society of Jefferson County, and Emily versus her kinsfolk; the cousins from Alabama that are always asked to meddle in Emily's life. However, out of all the conflicts in the story, the one which stands out...

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