Referring to a quote from chapter 2 of Animal Farm, explain its significance.What is a quote from chapter 2 and the significance of that quote?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Animal Farm has its beginnings in chapter 2 as the animals rename "Manor Farm" as "Animal Farm" having planned and executed the rebellion and driven Jones from the farm. The principles of Animalism are etched on the barn wall.

The Commandments which include the mantra of four legs and the fact that two legs signifies the enemy culminate in

"7. All animals are equal."

It is significant that this is the last and seemingly most important commandment: yet, already the basis of equality is questionable as the animals, looking forward to a share of the milk, are denied it. Later, they will discover that the needs of the pigs, the "brain workers" necessitate (apparently) such unfairness.   

Even at the early stage, the naivete of the animals lends itself to abuse of power as they will not question their oppressors. Boxer is a prime example:

"Napoleon is always right."

The animals' inability to recognize the pigs' motives is significant because it condemns them to a life of hardship and manipulation at the hands of corrupt leaders.


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