What quote can be used to relate to the theme of the book, Rumble Fish?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary themes of the book relate to alienation and hopelessness - the sense that there is no escape from the forces which determine the life of the main character, Rusty James.  Some quotes which relate to these themes include:

"I didn't much want to talk about the good old days.  I didn't even remember them" (Chapter 1 - RJ).

"I don't see any sense in thinking about things far off in the future" (Chapter 2 - RJ).

"I threw my cigarette butt into the river.  It was so full of trash that a little more wasn't going to hurt it any" (Chapter 2 - RJ).

""Kid...I never got past the river" (Chapter 3 - Motorcycle Boy).

"When the hell did you start expecting anything to be fair?" (Chapter 3 - Motorcycle Boy).

"I decided he must still be worrying about his mother.  I couldn't remember mine, so I didn't know how he felt" (Chapter 4 - RJ).

"I couldn't remember how crying felt..." (Chapter 6 - RJ).

"...Those guys would have followed you anywhere...most of them still would"..."It would be great...if I could think of somewhere to go" (Chapter 6 - RJ and Motorcycle Boy).

"Is this real?  Is this real?"..."(he) seemd terrified when he realized he wasn't dreaming" (Chapter 7 - Steve and RJ).

"He didn't belong - anywhere - and what was worse, he didn't want to" (Chapter 8 - RJ).

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