In Things Fall Apart, what is a quotation that describes Ekwefi?

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You might like to think about re-reading Chapter Five of this great novel, which is when we are given more information about Ekwefi and in particular how she came to be married to Okonkwo. In particular, we are told of her fascination and love for wrestling and how excited she becomes. Consider the following quote:

Many years ago when she was the village beauty Okonkwo had won her heart by throwing the Cat in the greatest contest within living memory. she did not marry him because he was too poor to pay her bride-price. But a few years later she ran away from her husband and came to live with Okonkwo... Now Ekwefi was a woman of forty-five who had suffered a great deal in her time.

This quote therefore tells us of Okonkwo's great strength and skill when he was younger, and how he was a charismatic personality and gained great glory and prestige for himself by triumphing over the Cat. In addition it tells us of Ekwefi's fascination with wrestling and how it resulted in her becoming Okonkwo's wife.


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