What is a quotation about scars and dreams in The Kite Runner?

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The subject of dreams is a recurring motif of The Kite Runner, and there are many examples of scars--both physical and emotional--as well.

DREAMS.  One of Amir's particularly frightening dreams occurs after his return to Afghanistan to recover Sohrab (Chapter 19). He dreams of Hassan's murder at the hands of the Taliban, and in this version of Hassan's death, Amir finds himself responsible.

   I follow the barrel on its upward arc. I see the face behind the plume of smoke swirling from the muzzle. I am the man in the herringbone vest.
   I woke up with a scream trapped in my throat.

SCARS.  The same dream as mentioned above (Chapter 19) also includes a scar. It is a familiar one to Amir though he has not seen it in years.

His hands are tied behind him with roughly woven rope cutting through the flesh of his wrists. He is blindfolded with black cloth... He is muttering something under his breath. I step closer. A thousand times over, he mutters. For you a thousand times over. Back and forth he rocks. He lifts his face. I see a faint scar above his upper lip.

It is, of course, Hassan, and it is Amir who prepares to put a bullet through his brain.

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