What is the "miracle" Nora waits for in "terror and hope"?

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Torvald wants to know, in the end, how he has "forfeited" his wife, Nora's, love. She declares, "It was this evening, when the miracle did not happen; for then I saw you were not the man I had imagined." She believed, when Krogstad 's letter was in their mailbox full of the information that would expose her deception to her husband, that Torvald would read it and "never [...] think of submitting to that man's conditions" to remain quiet. Nora believed, absolutely, that Torvald would tell Krogstad to "'Make it known to all the world,'" rather than try to cover up what she had done and submit to this unscrupulous man's blackmail attempt. She thought that, in the end, Torvald would have taken the responsibility on himself and declare his own guilt. She says that she would have protested against his sacrifice -- essentially that they would have tried to save one another, and that they would each have done the most loving thing possible by trying to protect the other partner. Nora both "hoped...

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