What quick action by Saknis plays an instrumental part in Matt's recovery?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Saknis removes Matt from the vicinity of the bee tree. Then, he scrapes away the remaining stingers embedded in Matt's skin. These stingers still release poison even though the bee is dead and gone. The wise old man then cools Matt's stings and gives him medicine to help fight the poison. Matt is taken to the cabin to rest and recuperate. Lying down slows the poison's circulation. Saknis and Attean bring food and water to Matt, as well as continuing to give him the medicine to speed his recovery. Luckily, Matt was not allergic to the stings, or he would have died. The care and treatment given helped him recover from what could have been a fatal experience.

kazy | Student

he saved his life by taking out the stingers and giving him some medicine..

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