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What questions would a political scientist have about the Mississippi River?   

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Political scientists ask questions about how physical characteristics of the land, like a river, might relate to the power structures that surround it. In answering the question, I'll try to avoid questions that would be better asked by geographers, geologists, or sociologists. 

  • Rivers often make up part or all of border lines. Is the Mississippi River a border of anything? 
  • Water is an important resource, and often it's fought over by the people around it. Is the Mississippi River the main supply of water for surrounding communities? Is there conflict over who owns and controls the river? 
  • What government actions have been taken about or around the Mississippi River? Is it regulated? Are there laws in place to protect it or control it? 
  • What interest groups or lobbyists have stakes in the continued existence of the Mississippi River? 

The important thing to remember in writing further questions is that a political scientist wants to understand the power structures that are involved. 


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