Federalists and Democratic Republicans

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What questions did Anti-Federalists ask Federalists?

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The Federalist Debates were waged around the ratification of the US Constitution—with the anti-Federalists opposing the Constitution, suspicious of the increased power it gave to the Federal Government. In the context of this debate, an anti-Federalist might have asked questions like the following:

Under the Constitution, you have created an independent executive branch headed by the office of the President. To give so much power to a single person: how do you know you are not enshrining a new kind of monarchy?

Under the Constitution, the Federal Government has the power to levy taxes. Is this not a betrayal of the Revolution? We denounced Britain when they imposed taxes on us. But once again we see a distant government, far removed from the people themselves, claiming for itself the power to raise taxes.

How can you guarantee the rights of the people or defend against future abuses of power if you have not included a Bill of Rights to guarantee and protect those freedoms?

These were the...

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