What questions could I write about The Lovely Bones?Im doing a book report on the lovely bones and i need to make 10 questions, 5 questions you can get answers from the book and 5 questions...

What questions could I write about The Lovely Bones?

Im doing a book report on the lovely bones and i need to make 10 questions, 5 questions you can get answers from the book and 5 questions that you have to think about yourself.


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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's always good to ask questions that are open-ended, meaning there isn't a simple "yes" or "no" answer.  You and your friends should have to support your response with your own opinions or evidence you find in the text.  You might start with questions that you had as your read the book yourself.  For instance:  What surprised you most about the book?  What clues point to the killer?  How would you react if you were Susie's sister?  Do you think her sister takes too many unnecessary risks?  Why or why not?  What passages were especially beautiful or horrible for you?  Why?  You might also consider if there are symbols or themes that you want to discuss...form your questions around them as well.

Good Luck!  This is a great book.

lauralautner | Student

In the back of the book The Lovely Bones, it has a section called "Reading Group Questions and Topics for Discussion." Here are just a few:

1. Although many readers remember the first lines of The Lovely Bones as "My name was Salmon, like the fish...," the novel's opening is actually a brief passage about a snow globe that Susie observed as a child. What is the significance of the beginning? In a "perfect world," i would seem, one is imprisoned and protected. Is Susie's heaven a blessing or a curse?

2. How does Abigail cope with Susie's death? What does she seek in her interaction with Len Fenerman? What do you think of her decision to leave her family? Why does she return? Do you believe this is the right choice for her?

*You could also talk about what you think the characters values are...for example Jack Salmon values justice because he does everything he can in order to get justice over his daughter, Susie Salmon's, death. So, your questions could be "Does Jack Salmon Value justice?" and then you would have to provide quotes from the book to prove the answer of your queston.

I wrote an essay on the lovely bones and i talked about Jack Salmon's values so here is a section of my essay:

Jack Salmon values justice because he is determined to bring Susie’s murderer into the hands of justice.  He is willing to do anything to make this happen. Jack asks Lindsey, “So you would want to be able to get into his house?” (Sebold 165). Jack encourages his daughter, Lindsey, to break into Mr. Harvey’s house to find any evidence to prove him guilty. He is confident that Lindsey will find something that will prove that Mr. Harvey did in fact kill his daughter. Jack Salmon is determined to find the truth to get justice over his daughter’s death.

So your question could be "Does Jack salmon value justice?" and your answer would be something very similar (but not exact) to what i wrote above^.

Hopefully this gets you thinking about the different questions you could ask! Good luck!

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