What questions is the author trying to answer and how does he want readers to react in Fast Food Nation?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very scary book if we believe everything it says. The purpose of this book is to investigate the role in which fast food is responsible for a number of significant problems that the US faces as a nation. The main focus is of course on how some of the health issues that are becoming endemic in the US are a result of food that is either inadequate or tainted food. Schlosser therefore explores the root causes of obesity and how fast food plays a part in this.

His trawl through the fast food industry and how they operate combined with his visits to meat factories and his focus on advertising in schools presents an incredibly disturbing picture of how fast food, which although it may taste good, is essentially full of too much salt, fat and sugar, and is therefore a major factor in the obesity crisis. This explains his attempt to shock and horrify as he speaks out against the horrors of fast food and soft drinks. This book is therefore an attempt to jerk his readers into action and to make them realise the way that they are being cunningly manipulated through advertising and lobbying to continue to eat food that is so bad for them.

tracinalc | Student

Primarily the author may be trying to inform some readers, and warn others. Additionally, the author is providing an illustration of how life has changed during this world-wide acceptance of fast food, fast eating, wanting not only meals, but "things" quickly.

Nevertheless, the authors arguement is simply stating the need for speed, and how American's, at least most, especially those within various age groups, have traded out health for speed, with the mindset of "I want it now".

Many themes are represented: Economics, Health, and family relationships just to name a few. Perhaps considering the author has presented the facts, and has given the reader the opportunity to determine the outcomes of what trading out such things will bring or not bring forth in their own life. 

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