What questions about McCandless from Into the Wild remain to be answered? 

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By the end of Into the Wild, there are still many unanswered questions about Chris McCandless, his motivations, and his experiences. Since Jon Krakauer is tracking his life through interviews and journal entries—without being able to speak to Chris—it makes sense that not everything about the man's choices would be fully answered.

One question for Chris would be whether he fully understood the risk when he traveled to Alaska. Many people go there unaware of the danger they face; Chris may have thought he was prepared and that the risk was minimal. He may have been aware of the risk but considered it an acceptable one. He may have thought that death was likely but still wanted to go. Finding out his mental state and his opinion about his safety or lack thereof in Alaska would be very interesting.

It might also be interesting to ask Chris about his impression of his experiences when he was trying to live a normal life in society. There were times that he held jobs for months, tried to...

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