What question would a life scientist ask

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megamind-616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A life scientist may ask anything that has to do with biotic (living) substances. The following list contains examples of questions that a life scientist may ask:

- What is an organism made of?

- How to the body systems interact to maintain homeostasis within an organism?

- How do organisms interact with one another in an ecosystem?

- What factors influence a population size?

- What factors affect respiration rate/ heart rate/ blood pressure, etc?

- How do birds know where to fly during their migration seasons?

- How do polar bears stay warm in Antartica?

- Why are some organisms social/ polygamous/ monogamous and others are not?

- How have organisms changed over time?

- Why are some animals nocturnal?

- How do animals, such as dolphins or bats, communicate?

I hope this list gets you started and thinking like a biologist (a scientist who studies life)!!!!

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