What does Queenie symbolize in "A Christmas Memory"?

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Queenie is an "outsider" to the dominant society of the unnamed grownup relatives in whose house Sook and Buddy live. With them, this little dog forms an alternative society. She represents being different or "other," because, of course, she is non-human.

Buddy is other, too, because he is a little boy; Sook is different because she is a single older woman who is considered slow (not-all-there) mentally. None of these three really belong to the central family: all are, in a sense, strays that have landed as dependents in this household.

Sook shows her openness in the way that she fully welcomes Queenie into her activities. Queenie participates in the quest to celebrate Christmas that Sook pursues with Buddy. Sook even gives Queenie some of the whiskey left over after the fruitcakes are finished:

Queenie has a spoonful in a bowl of coffee (she likes her coffee chicory-flavored and strong).

We learn from this that Sook gives Queenie coffee, too, as if she were a human. When Sook and Buddy...

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