What is Queen Elizabeth I known for?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Queen Elizabeth I of England was known for many things.  She was a woman who reigned in her own right, which was rare, and England was fairly prosperous and powerful during her long reign.

Queen Elizabeth is perhaps best known for the fact that she was female and yet ruled England.  She never married, in part because she was aware of the political advantages she could gain by seeming to consider many suitors.

Another important thing about Elizabeth's reign was that Anglicanism was firmly established as the state religion.  Before her, and early in her reign, there had been conflict over whether England would be Catholic or Protestant.  Elizabeth helped to establish Protestantism firmly as part of England's identity.

Elizabeth's reign is known for two other things.  First, it was during her reign that the English defeated the Spanish Armada.  Second, it was also during her reign that a great flourishing of English literature occurred.  The Elizabethan age was the age of Shakespeare and other great writers.