what is the quality of the revenge that montresor seeks

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teacherscribe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montresor obviously has put a great deal of thought and planning into the quality of his revenge against Fortunato.  Whatever insult Fortunato did that pushed Montresor over the edge is not clear.  But it must have been something pretty severe for Montresor to dream up such a devilish revenge - walling Fortunato up down in the catacombs.  When I first read this story, the most effective moment in terms of Montresor's revenge came when Fortunato begins screaming as he is being bricked up.  At first Montresor worries that someone might hear, but then he realizes how far underground they are and he begins to scream too, mocking Fortunato's pitiful screams.  Of course, Fortunato is going to die a very slow death chained up behind that wall in the cold and dark catacombs.  He most assuredly will first be driven insane though.  Montresor must have had all of these in mind when he devised his revenge.

brendawm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Why the question of quality throws me a bit, after a little thought it began to sink in.  In my estimation, death is the consummate revenge, and Montresor has planned his flawlessly.  Should there be such a thing as a perfect crime, Montresor planned it, but only because of the time period.  He took everything into account from the possibility of being interrupted in the process to being overheard by having the servants away and Fortunato intoxicated.  While his sanity is questionable and his motives unclear, his planning of the revenge is flawless and works seemlessly in his story.  I guess it could definitely be considered high quality revenge.  Hope this helps.  Brenda

leagye eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm wondering if bev2 is asking about whether the revenge exacted by Montresor fits Fortunato's crime. In my classroom, we discussed this issue and it was determined that the revenge has a rather barbaric and particularly sadistic quality to it. Since we do not know what "insult" Fortunato committed, we can only assume that it was equally heinous, or that Montresor is insane. I hope this helps.

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