illustration of the prince and the pauper standing back to back with a castle on the prince's side and a low building on the pauper's

The Prince and the Pauper

by Mark Twain
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What qualities do we see in Tom Canty which are appropriate for a king?  

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Tom Canty displayed a thirst for knowledge by reading widely and consulting those in the position to help him in his quest. In leadership, some level of knowledge and wisdom is required in order to effectively lead the people, and Tom yearned for knowledge.

Tom was ambitious and yearned for a better life. He hoped to improve his condition despite the negativity and ridicule he encountered from his family and friends. When the opportunity presented itself, Tom organized a royal court and established an elaborate mimic kingdom.

Through his character and mannerisms, Tom became influential among his friends and the community at large. Tom earned the respect of the older people from his community because he offered them solutions when they  consulted him concerning the issues they faced.

When he found himself in the real royal court, Tom learned fast and tried to adjust to his new condition. Despite the different mishaps that led the people in the court to believe that he was mad, Tom succeeded in carrying himself with royal dignity.

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