What qualities make Gram and Gramps's marriage a happy one in Walk Two Moons?

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Gram and Gramps’s marriage is based on the love and joy they feel in each other’s company. From the very first, when Gramps proposed to Gram, Gram asked about his dog and how she reacted when he came home. Gramps tells her shamefacedly that his dog acts so excited to see him that he takes her on his lap and hugs and kisses her. Gram says that she figures if he treats a dog that well, he will treat a wife even better.

Gramps tells Sal the story of their marriage bed, which was the bed in which he had been born. This bed was given to Gram and Gramps on their wedding night. Gramps says he has lived all his life in that bed and expects to die in it. When he does, that bed will know all there is to know about him. This becomes symbolic of his marriage to Gram. Though there have been troubling times (one time Gram ran away with the egg man), they have always stuck together. Their faithfulness to each other is based on love, not whether things are easy for them. They are married “for better or for worse, as the marriage vow says. They take their vows seriously until Gram’s death.

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