What are some qualities of imagination and vision?

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Hello! I am not able to write 1500 words, but I would definitely like to help you with starting to think about the profound concepts of imagination and vision.

In order for any innovator (or arguably any individual) to be truly successful, they require both imagination and vision. Although the two concepts are interrelated, several distinctions exist between these two intense terms.

When a person first thinks of imagination, they might consider a small child who is able to design a life filled with magical creatures or a whole different world. Imagination endows individuals with the ability to create. It is part of how artists create masterpieces and how authors string words together into poems that take our breath away.

Vision works alongside imagination to take these creative thoughts and make them into a reality. Without vision, a person may only use imagination for creating personal magical worlds. However, with vision, a person can make this wonderful private world into a reality or at least share their perspective with others. For example, Martin Luther King had the imagination to take a biased and racist society and imagine one where there was equality and acceptance for everyone. He took this creativity and paired it with his vision to do public marches, sit-ins, and even give his “I Have a Dream” speech at Washington.

By combining imagination and vision, dreams can become a reality and the world becomes a better place.

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