Benjamin Franklin Questions and Answers

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Assess the personal attributes that are evident in Franklin's works that make him attractive as a model for contemporary American culture.

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The sense of innovation and self- reliance that Franklin demonstrates in his narrative and his works are elements that can be embedded in the culture of contemporary America.  Franklin's sense of practicality and inventiveness represents the aspirations for contemporary American society.  Franklin was self- created, able to take what was in front of him and transform it into something that was both beneficial for himself and American society, in general.  Government did not hand him much of anything.  Franklin's narrative and his mythology, to a great extent, is something that shows the power of individualism and the notion of self- reliance.  For contemporary American culture, the discourse seems to come back to the idea of how individual freedom can spin off into greatness, that freedom is the portal through which the independent self can become evident.  In this light, Franklin's attributes as revealed in his writings can be seen.  It is one in which contemporary American society is able to point to Franklin's greatness as representation of the American spirit and how that same zeal needs to be present in the modern setting.

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