What qualities do Baldeo (from "Tiger in the Tunnel") and Sher Singh ("Journey by Night") share that reveal their courage? How were they different in handling the situation they were placed in?

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Hello! You asked about Baldeo in "Tiger In The Tunnel" and Sher Singh in "Journey By Night."

What qualities do Baldeo and Sher Singh share that reveal their courage?

Baldeo stood his ground and fought the tiger at the risk of his life. He comes from a long line of men who have fearlessly provided for and protected their families in the dangerous tribal regions of India for many years. Baldeo is confident, purposeful, and accepts his lot in life. He does not shrink from his duties and responsibilities despite the difficulties he faces each day. Because of his tenacity, skillful preparation, and resolve, he is able to face down the tiger confidently. Although he dies in the process, his son, Tembu, continues his father's tradition of courage.

Sher Singh is only twelve, but he manages to carry his sick little brother, Kunwar, to the hospital eighty kilometers (about 50 miles) away. Sher Singh also shows the same love and commitment to his family as Baldeo demonstrates. He is just as tenacious in the face of difficulties as Baldeo is; even though Sher Singh is afraid of being attacked by wild bears, tigers, and other animals, he presses on. His resolve (like Baldeo's) holds steady despite the bridge breaking. He takes grasses, plaits them together, and ties himself to his brother so that they can cross the flooding river together.

How were they different in handling the situation they were placed in?

Baldeo relies on his trusty axe and his physical skills to stand his ground against the tiger. Sher Singh's resourcefulness leads him to fashion a grass rope which keeps him and his little brother together as they cross the treacherous waters. His strength gives way after his heroic effort across the river, but Sher Singh and his brother are rescued by people on the other side. Baldeo uses his weapon, his wits, and his courage to fight the tiger; Sher Singh uses his mental resourcefulness and courage to conquer the flooding river.

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