What qualities did Rahim possess that caused people to share their innermost moments with him in The Kite Runner?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the very beginning of The Kite Runner, we discover that Rahim Khan is a kind and introspective man. Amir mentions a photo of him as a baby: He is pictured with Baba and Rahim, but it is Rahim's hand that holds Amir's finger--not Baba's. When Amir presents his first short story for Baba to read, he is unimpressed; but Rahim congratulates Amir and encourages him to continue on his literary path. Rahim's positive outlook makes it easier for Amir to confide in him more than Baba. Rahim also is a good listener--whether he is discussing politics and social matters with Baba or talking with Amir. He shows his true friendship in many ways: He remains loyal to Baba and Amir; he maintains Baba's home; he searches for and finds Hassan out of respect for Baba; and he seeks to help Amir find inner peace by revealing the secrets that Baba has kept from his son. Rahim's acts are all based on helping others and not himself. 

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