What qualities and attitude define Miss. Emily's charactor and behavior in A Rose for Emily?  ms emily's relationship with her father is strange.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In William Faulkner`s A Rose for Emily, the protagonist, Miss Emily, is defined both in her own behaviour and in the way she is viewed by the older generation in the town, by her patrician background. Class, in this story as in many of Faulkner`s other works, has a major influence on the way people think and act. On the one hand, by virtue of her class, Miss Emily has a sense of entitlement (e.g. not paying taxes), but on the other hand, despite her background giving her a certain authority and freedom of action (she sees no need to pay attention to the opinions of those she considers inferior), her class background constrains her actions, in the types of people with whom she can associate and her sense of what constitutes proper behaviour, so, for example, by the code of her class background, killing an errant lover is not half as improper as taking a regular job in a shop.

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