What qualities are dominant in Oedipus?

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I would say that one of Oedipus' most dominant qualities would be his commitment and his belief in his own authenticity.  Throughout the narrative, there is little ambivalence in Oedipus.  He sees reality through a prism where his action is always absolute.  While the creeping rumors and insinuations about his own background might be present, he is resolute.  While Teiresias' prophecies might be elusive and ambiguous, Oedipus is strong in his convictions.  There is a belief and dominance that represents his own sense of beliefs.  Even when he is confronted with the horrific truth of his own life, he fails to be vague in his actions.  Understanding that he has committed a rather unspeakable act and that his position as King is no longer tenable, his self exile followed by his removal of his own eyes both represents a sense of strength.  The will required to do both demand an absolute certainty in action, something that he represents in different forms throughout the drama.

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