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What qualifications should a student have in order to be appointed to a city council?

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There are a number of qualifications that a student should have if they are to be appointed to a student spot on a city council.  In general, these qualifications are more about their personality and interests than about their intellectual ability.

What is perhaps the most important thing is that the student should be public spirited.  A council will want a student who really cares about their community.  The student should be interested in working to help improve conditions in that community.

The student should also be responsible and serious.  It is important that the student be reliable.  They need to show up for meetings and they need to do whatever they are assigned to do without fail.  They also need to take things seriously.  As members of a city council, their actions can have an impact of some sort on real people’s lives.  This is a big responsibility and should be treated as such. 

Finally, the student should be patient.  Council meetings can take a long time.  People can talk too much and sometimes not make a lot of sense.  A student on the council will have to have the patience and the courtesy to treat people seriously and respectfully even if it may not seem that those people deserve it.

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