What qualifications or characteristics do you think a president should have? Give an example of the recent presidents, if any, that have had these qualifications or characteristics.

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This is an opinionated question so you will have to consider this yourself.  However, I personally believe (in addition to the Constitutional requirements that naturally must be met by a candidate) that the mold of the modern president set forth by Theodore Roosevelt still holds true.  T.R. was the first (what I call) "superman" President.  Roosevelt didn't have the usual upbringing of most Americans.  He led an outlandish, exciting, incredibly successful life... Harvard Law, war hero, Asst. secretary of the navy, cattle rancher (the one thing he failed at apparently) Governor of New York, Vice President and then President before his 43rd birthday.  Because of this, Americans have come to expect this "superman" persona in their Presidents.  As for more recent examples, you need look no further than the most recent candidates that we have had.  Both President Obama and former Governor Romney led amazingly successful lives... top of their respective schools (the President was the first African American editor of the Harvard Law review) both have written best selling books, both successful in virtually everything they have tried in life.  They are not (try as the may to appear) average Americans, and that is apparently what Americans want to see in a leader.

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