What are the purposes and objectives of self-managed teams in the workplace?

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The purpose and objective of using self-managed teams is to provide an increased sense of “ownership” to employees so that those employees will be willing to assume a greater level of responsibility for outcomes, while minimizing or eliminating the more costly level of management that would otherwise be needed.

It is a basic truism in most workplaces that employees are critical of management and are desirous of having much greater influence in how the company’s mission is defined and realized, in how decisions affecting those employees are made, and in how decisions are executed. In virtually every endeavor involving levels of rank and management—in most if not all vertically structured enterprises—failures by management to solicit input from workers lead to less efficient operations and diminished productivity. Morale suffers, and, consequently, productivity suffers as well. Any good manager or owner understands that there are almost always voices among the rank and file...

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