What is the purpose of teachers going to culture museums?

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Teachers should investigate the professional development opportunities that cultural museums offer.  Many of those seminars are at no cost or low cost.  They can be tied to earning college or continuing education credit.  For example, a museum specializing in Hispanic culture in Chicago will be offering a program on Day of the Dead traditions on a Friday evening. During summer break, some seminars can offer more sustained experiences that last several days to several weeks.  Participation in more sustained seminars can lead to partnerships with museum programs that bring artists and master teachers to participants' school as well as access to online teaching resources.

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Since you have tagged this with “culture and diversity,” I assume that you are talking about museums that have to do with other cultures.  I assume that “culture museums” is not meant to refer to things like art museums or anything like that.  If so, there are two main reasons why it would be important for teachers to go to “culture museums.”

First, it would be important for teachers to go to such museums so that they could have a clearer understanding of a given culture.  Teachers today often have to work with students and parents from a variety of cultures.  If the teachers understand the cultures of the people they work with, they are more likely to do a good job of working with those people.  Going to such museums can help teachers gain this understanding.

Second, teachers might be able to glean ideas for lesson plans from these museums.  It can be (depending on what the teacher teaches) good for teachers to include lessons about other cultures. By going to museums, teachers can get ideas about lessons that they might teach that will help expose their students to other cultures.

For these reasons, it can be a good idea for teachers to go to “culture museums.”

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