Brave New World Questions and Answers
by Aldous Huxley

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What is the purpose of the solidarity services, and how are they conducted?

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With the Solidarity Services, Huxley satirizes evangelical services which control people through emotional unity. Bernard Marx is forced to attend the Thursday Solidarity Service in Chapter 5, Part 2. He hurriedly slips into one of the twelve chairs (the number of disciplines of Christ) which have male/female alternating. The president begins by making the sign of the T (mockery of the sign of the cross) and the music begins from the synthesizer. Then, twelve verses are sung and the "dedicated" soma tablets (mockery of the consecrated host in the Catholic Mass) are placed in the center of the table around which the people are sitting.

The loving cup had made its circuit.....As verse succeeded verse the voices thrilled with an ever intenser excitement. The sense of the Coming's imminence was like an electric tension in the air.

Then, a supernatural Voice spoke from above their heads. Slowly he rolls out, "Oh, Ford, Ford, Ford (whose name has replaced God's) as a "sensation of warmth radiated thrillingly our from the solar plexus to every extremity" of the group. The service reaches a crescendo as the "Greater Being" sings Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun....The men and women pair off and six couples go to waiting couches for the ritualistic orgy which is the final consummation of the group session. But, Bernard feels nothing.

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