What is the purpose of social media and how it does influence us? I have to write an answer as a dialogue for four people. Where should I start?

Expert Answers
chsmith1957 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social media allow us to create, share, and exchange information with others through electronic networks. In order to describe this activity and its influence as a conversation among four people, it may help you to think of three friends or relatives you are close to. What subject or event would the four of you talk about over social media? It could be about the U.S. presidential campaign, about weather-related issues or disasters, or about something good or bad that happened at school. Think first of the subject, then think how each of the four of you would react to it. Even if you don’t participate in social media in real life, imagine the kinds of messages you would exchange with your friends about the subject if you were in different places and couldn’t talk in person. Write the messages as separate lines for each person’s response after their first names. (For example: "John: I can’t believe this just happened!")

The challenge with social media is to figure out what is true and what may not be. If you are basing this conversation on something that just happened at school, then all the facts may not be available or even known. If you and your friends just repeat what you have heard from second- or third-parties – that is, people who were not at the scene and have only heard about the event from other individuals who may or may not have been there in person – then you may just be spreading rumors and gossip. And this action may lead you all to a conclusion that is entirely wrong or one that could hurt someone else. Maybe you already know an instance where this happened. And your conclusions could influence your own behavior, or that of your friends. Make sure in your writing that you show some result, some change that takes place because of the messages exchanged among the four friends. The change can be either good or bad, and one that is either beneficial to others or one that causes more problems. You, as the writer, can decide. Good luck!