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The purpose of police patrols is to have a constant, vigilant police presence on the town. This accomplishes several things. First and foremost, if there is a crisis or a need for a police presence, such as an accident or criminal activity, patrolling ensures that police are constantly mobilized and ready to respond to emergencies.

Beyond that, there is a psychological effect of patrolling. The presence of police officers, or even the knowledge that they can arrive quickly, will deter a lot of criminal activity or help citizens feel safe. By keeping police on patrol, they help improve the safety of the region naturally just by their presence in addition to the obvious benefit of emergency preparedness. This presence helps keep the public safe and feeling secure.

In the police, patrol fulfills a number of different functions, as the previous educators have shown. Another purpose of a patrol is to reassure the public. This often happens in the aftermath of a major crime or incident. By...

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