what is the purpose of molar mass in the volatile liquid lab experiment?

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The volatile liquid lab experiment is essential to determine the molar mass of the volatile liquid. Upon the determination of the Molar mass, the identification of it will be possible. The Molar mass is the unknown in the experiment. The following values will be acquired with during the experiment proper:

  • Temperature of the vapor of the volatile liquid (K)
  • Pressure of the container with the volatile liquid (atm)
  • The volume of the flask which is the volume of the vapor
  • the mass of the vapor (mass unknown)

Ideal gas equation will be employed in order to get the values of the molar mass.

`PV = nRT`

`PV = ((mass unknown)/(molar mass)) *RT`

`Molar mass = Mass unknown * ((RT)/(PV))`

` `

R = 0.08206 atm-L/mol-K