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by Kathryn Stockett

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What is the purpose of Miss Phelan's visit to The Jackson Journal and Mr. Blackly?

Expert Answers

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Eugenia Phelan goes to visit the offices of The Jackson Journal to find work as a journalist. Eugenia's always been a very strong-minded, independent person and instinctively rebels against the restrictive roles that southern society has allotted to women. She doesn't want to be a housewife like so many women of her social class; she wants to be a writer, so she goes to The Jackson Journal hoping to get her big break in journalism.

The editor of the paper, Mr. Blackly, does indeed give Eugenia an opportunity, but it's not quite what she hoped for: he gives her a job writing a weekly housekeeping advice column. Although Eugenia's managed to get her foot in the door, she still can't escape the sexist assumption that women are only capable of writing about housework.

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