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pearlepratt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ivan, General Zaroff’s butler and attendant in “The Most Dangerous Game,” is extremely large and vicious. He is deaf and dumb, so he is unable to communicate verbally with Rainsford or any of the men who approach the chateau. He, like Zaroff, has experience in the Russian military. Their service under the Czar appears to have been particularly brutal. Therefore, when those who served the Czar begin to lose their position in Russian society, Zaroff (and Ivan along with him) leave the country and relocate to this island. Both Zaroff and Ivan are blood-thirsty brutes who thrive on bloodshed and carnage. Consequently, although Zaroff hunts the victims who have the misfortune of landing on his shores, Ivan tortures them if they refuse the hunt. His size and his strength give him a substantial advantage over the men who arrive on the shore. He is ferocious and cruel in his torment of the men. In fact, the men decide to be hunted as prey rather than suffer at Ivan’s hands. He is an enforcer who brutalizes men so that they agree to become Zaroff’s prey.