What is the purpose of hip fractures rehabilitation?

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The hip fracture usually occurs in elder women that have been affected by osteoporosis. The location of fracture can be outside the joint capsule or within the joint capsule. The treatment of hip fracture depends on the location of the damage of the hip, either intracapsular or extracapsular and the type of fracture, either non-displaced (the fragments of bones stay at their places) or displaced (the fragments of bones are no more aligned and they must be re-aligned).

The cause of the hip fracture in older people is usually a fall from standing. This fall can be caused by various reasons, such as fainting, low blood pressure, and accidents. The bones of older people break easily since they are less dense than the bones of younger people. The cause of the hip fracture in younger people is usually a stronger accident such as a car crash or a fall from a considerable height.

The treatment of hip fracture is surgery in most cases. In the case of a non-displaced intracapsular hip fracture, the surgery joins together the fragments of bones, fixing them with devices like plates, rods or screws. The mobility after the surgery of non-displaced intracapsular hip fractures is more easily regained. If the patient has other health problems that worsen during surgery, the recommended treatment of non-displaced intracapsular hip fracture will be natural healing.

In case of displaced intracapsular hip fractures, the hip may be replaced and the operation is called arthroplasty. The arthroplasty can be total (total replacement of both sides of hip joint) or hemiarthroplasty (the replacement of head of femur).

The rehabilitation treatment is recommended one day after surgery. The rehabilitation treatment is conducted by a physiotherapist that monitors the patient and makes the proper recommendations with regard to the exercises the patient must perform in the physiotherapy program. These groups of exercises help the patient to regain the mobility and the independence in performing the routine activities.

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