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mickey2bailey eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The purpose of education is to inform and instruct people of all ages what the world is all about and what it took to get it to today. It is looking at all types of people since the beginning of time and seeing how we have arrived in the world we live today. This means taking a journey through someone else's shoes in Science, Social Studies, Math, English/Literature, etc. to see how cultures have developed through the years. As we learn about these various fields of study we experience what our ancestors did and recognize the need to know the past to exist in the present and create a future. Education if the foundation of all we are and all we can be. It is our job to open the door and take the first of many steps to come.

gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The purpose of education changes according to the nature of the society doing the educating and the nature of the individual being educated.

To put that another way, assume that the purpose of education is to teach people that which they need to know. If so, what a child needs to know is different from what an adult needs to know, and what a member of a hunter-gatherer culture needs to know is different from what a member of post-industrial society needs to know.

In all cases, education should impart skills, ways of thinking, and information, but what those should be differ.

atyourservice | Student

To help broaden our knowledge. It also gives us enough tools that we can use to advance in life. 

Education is important because it helps you to become successful in life. When you do well in school and get good grades, you can get a good job. The more education the better. You can get a better job with more pay if you spend more time learning in school. You will also have more stuff to put on an application to schools or resumes for jobs and you get more qualified with the degrees you earn.