What purpose do Dogberry and Verges serve in Much Ado About Nothing?

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Dogberry and Verges are the "clown" characters, specifically created to be absurd and foolish, in contrast to the other characters. Though this is a comedy, and pretty much every character has humorous moments, the others do not reach the levels of buffoonery achieved by Dogberry and Verges. Dogberry in particular is one of Shakespeare's most celebrated clown characters, with his malapropisms, eccentric views on what makes an effective policeman (such as not touching criminals so as to not be contaminated by their criminality), and comically inflated ego.

The two of them are also essentially policemen, representing the law of the city. They bumble through their duties, but in the end, they do complete their jobs effectively, discovering who framed Hero before anyone else in the play does....

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